I am interested in issues of confirmation and methodology in the development of scientific theories. I am currently working on the characterization of the distinction between discovery and justification, in particular by identifying strategies that were used in the development of quantum theory.

Selected Publications

“Unification Beyond Justification: A Strategy for Theory Development.” Forthcoming in Synthese. DOI 10.1007/s11229-017-1515-8. [ full-text ] [ journal ]

“Old Evidence in the Development of Quantum Theory.” Forthcoming in Philosophy of Science. DOI 10.1086/694810. [ pre-print ] [ journal ]

“Unification and the Quantum Hypothesis in 1900–1913.” (2015). Philosophy of Science, 82(5), pp. 1200–1210. DOI 10.1086/683648. [ pdf ] [ journal ]

“A New Role for Data in the Philosophy of Science.” (2015). Philosophia Scientiae, 19(1), pp. 9–20. [ journal ]